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RATES 2019

AZUR CANOE - Canoe kayak rentals


At AZUR CANOE, you will have a direct access to the river. From the private parking area where you will leave your car, you are but a few steps away from climbing into your canoe and enjoying the pleasures of what is unquestionably one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe.


Mini-trip (6 km): from the 'Camping des Tunnels' to Chames. Ideal for a first contact or for a light recreational trip on the waters. The passage under the vault of the Pont d'Arc is a fabulous and delightful experience. This trip can be done in 2 hours or more if you so wish. Departures and returns at any time.

30 km: from the 'Camping des Tunnels' to Sauze. The 6 first kilometres are identical to the mini-trip, after which you will be entering into the beautiful area of the Natural Reserve for a trip which will be one of a lifetime. You will feel as one with nature, and forget everything outside the beauty of what you will be encountering mile after mile.

In 1 day: departure is advised between 8am and 10 am every morning, following the water levels of the river. Arrival is scheduled to be around 5 pm.

In 2 days: the 2 day descent happens with a night time camping half way down, at Gaud or Gournier, where you will find sanitary installations, BBQ points and drinking water. Please note that these camping areas are mandatory and have to be paid for as they contribute to the safeguard of the beauty and virginity of the nature. returns are scheduled the day after, generally between 2 pm and 5 pm.

24 km: from Chames to Sauze. In the same conditions as the 30 km circuit.


You need to bring food and drink (no restauration is allowed in the Gorges de l'Ardèche). Bring a sleeping bag and maybe a small tent for the two day trips. You should bring sports kit (shorts, swimming trunks, a polo shirt) and plastic shoes or trainers so as to be able to walk in the water. 
It is a good idea to bring a hat and sun creams as the reflection of the sun on the water and of the rocks is very strong.


From easter until the end of May for a sporting descent with a lot of water and the maximium of rapids. 
From June until the end of August for a more leisurly pace and for people who prefer swimming and sunbathing. 
In September for the calm this period heralds in.


For your security and that of your family, please do not take under 7 year olds on the canoes, ensure that everybody knows how to swim and always wear the lifejackets, as per the law.