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Cocalière Cave


Come and discover La Cocalière cave, one of France’s three greatest caves, and set off on a wonderful journey to the centre of the earth between Gard and Ardèche

The famous cave that you’re about to visit was hollowed out of the limestone rock at the height of the Jurassic period (Kimmeridgian, Tithonian - between 146 and 135 million years ago), and is only one branch of a huge underground network covering thirty kilometres or so.

Its history began 35 million years ago (Eocene, Tertiary period) and is still continuing today, for La Cocalière is a living cave, i.e. still in formation.

Distance : 33 kms
Contact : 04 66 24 34 74

Prices : Adultes 10,90€
Children 6-12 years 7,50€
Children less than 6 years free

Grotte de la Cocalière
30500 COURRY